Frequently Asked Questions About Waist Training

What is a waist trainer and waist training?

Waist training is the process of reducing your natural waist size and accentuating curves with the aid of a waist trainer. Waist trainers are responsible for giving a woman an exaggerated hourglass figure, which is a tiny waist and curves over the hips. MASKATEER® waist trainers are of the highest quality that can be used daily. MASKATEER® waist trainers are made of unique aggressive latex material which attacks unwanted fat and impurities within your body, while the 100% anti-bacterial cotton allows your body to get rid of harsh toxins in the safest way possible.

The waist trainers have 25 steel bones, which make them the only garments of their kind. MASKATEER® waist trainers are the revolutionary corsets that shape up your waist in no time with maximum comfort. Wearing the corset for just 2 hours per day will assist in reducing 2-10cm+ of body fat around your waist line in the first month of wearing it. Built to deliver ultimate results, the 25 steel bones create a straight posture and magnificent curves. You can wear your new corset underneath or on top of clothing. See product descriptions for more details.

What are Gym Belts?

MASKATEER® sports belts can shape your body anywhere and at any time. The garment is ideal for active men and women, who regularly visit the gym, run, dance and do any intensive fitness activities. With the sweat belt, you simply push your body to burn more fat, reshape your core and essentially protect your back from injuries. The item is also perfect for those of you who have just had a baby and are slowly getting introduced to waist training (see MASKATEER® waist trainers).

Can anyone waist train?

Anyone can waist train generally, who is in a good condition of health. Please see our disclaimer for further information on who cannot waist train.

How soon can you see the results?

For most MASKATEER® users, results are visible within the first 2 weeks usually, providing the waist trainer is worn daily for the recommended periods. Within the first month a considerable difference will be visible in your waistline resulting in a more defined waist.

Results from wearing MASKATEER® sport belts are entirely dependent on your exercise routine and targets. Wearing the garment consistently will assist in faster and better results.

Are there any age restrictions on waist training?

Although there are no age restrictions, we recommend these products are used only by adults aged 18+ for waist trainers and 16+ for sport belts. If you are not the recommended age, please consult you parent or guardian prior to making a purchase.

Is Waist training good for women after birth?

Waist training is ideal for postnatal women who are recovering after childbirth and wanting to achieve a slimmer mid-section. It prevents your abdomen from descending and tightens muscles whilst also giving you great support for your back. We would recommend that you wait 3-6 weeks after giving birth to allow your body to get back to its natural state, particularly if you have had a C-section, before waist training again. If you do not want to add intense pressure just a few weeks after you gave birth then you may prefer to get the MASKATEER® sport belt before the MASKATEER® waist trainer. Do NOT waist train while pregnant.

I have back pain and poor posture; will waist training help me?

Our waist trainers can improve your posture by forcing your back to an upright position. MASKATEER® waist trainers can help prevent and relieve back pain and tension, which you probably did not realise was being caused by slouching by those who stand or sit for long periods at a time. For example, those working in retail shops, hospitals, the office etc. The MASKATEER® sports belt also improves your posture and it greatly helps you to avoid any back or muscle injuries during exercising, including cardiovascular and weightlifting.

Are waist trainers harmful to internal organs?

Unlike the traditional steel-boned corsets, MASKATEER® waist trainers and sports belts will not constrict or shift your internal organs and are as safe to wear as any other type of tight fitting shapewear or clothing providing you wear the correct size for you. This is extremely important! MASKATEER® products are designed to be snug, safe and comfortable when they are not misused. We have 12 different sizes so you would wear the size you are.

What size am I?

Getting your size correct cannot be easier. You simply need a measuring tape, then locate the narrowest part of your abdomen, wrap the measuring tape tight but not too tight this part of your body, breathe normally and voila! that is your waistline right there! Then check our size chart for waist trainers and sport belts, which are different. T. To get the best size sport belt you should select a size that corresponds to your waistline exactly.

When can I go a size down and what if you cannot fasten the hooks any longer?

All MASKATEER® waist trainers are equipped with 3 rows of hooks. Use with the first row of hooks to fasten your waist trainer initially. When your waist shaper starts to feel too comfortable or too loose, and far too easy to put on, then it is time to move onto the next set of hooks or downsize to a smaller waist trainer. Do not forget to measure your waist again at this point and speak to our team. Bear in mind that individual body shapes are different. MASKATEER® sports belts have an innovative loop fastener on the front which allows you to use the garment for a longer period of time, yet when the belt feels too loose then it is time you get a new one as the previous belt has been over used.

Does it bruise you easily and what can you do in such cases?

Although not common, there are a variety of reasons bruising could occur, for example; the garment is too small or too tight and not the correct fit for the body type; the garment has been worn for excessive amounts of periods without a break and/or an allergy/irritation has broken out. Should you experience bruising whilst the waist trainer or sports belt is loose, it may be that the waist trainer or sports belt does not fit well and is applying pressure to the wrong areas on your body. Wearing a t-shirt beneath your waist trainer and sports belt will help with reducing friction. If the problem persists, stop using the garments until your skin heals, and consult your doctor if you have any further concerns.

What if the size does not fit me?

In cases where your waist trainer or sports belt does not fit, MASKATEER® will be happy to exchange it for a smaller or bigger size. If you have not measured yourself correctly, you must cover your own shipping charges. Keep an eye on the website and your email if you subscribe to www.maskateer.com and we will keep you up to date with the availability of products and sizes.

Can I amend my order after purchase?

No, once you submit on order onlie, it is sent straight to the despatch team in real time and cannot be cancelled.

Do you have a shop or a store I can visit?

Currently MASKATEER® sells online only www.maskateer.com. However, if you have any enquiries please feel free to email us at: support@maskateer.com

What do I do if my parcel is late or missing?

If your delivery is late or missing get in touch immediately via email with the MASKATEER® customer service team on support@maskteer.com and they will be able to assist you.

What are your delivery terms?

Domestic shipping within the UK is with a local carrier such as Yodel, Royal Mail, EVRI or other providers. Delivery prices vary depending on the selected delivery options and destination. If the items you purchased are in stock, then shipping or delivery is normally between 1-7 working days in the UK depending on whether an international or domesitc hub was used.

MASKATEER® deliver globally using various delivery companies. International deliveries may take between 3-21 days and charges vary according to destination.

What is the returns policy?

You can return your products for a refund within 14 days of the date you received your products, providing the products and pacakging are in a "resaleable condition". "Resaleable" means that that products and packaging must still be in a new condition, have no signs of wear and tear and that all tags, lables and packaging is intact, clean and in good order.

If you would like to the exchange sizes, order the correct sizes again online by creating a new order and send back your products that do not fit within 14 days of the date you received them, for a refund. Again the returning products must be in a "resaleable condition" as mentioned above.

How can I order?

MASKATEER® products can be ordered on the website www.maskateer.com

What types of payments are accepted online?

MASKATEER® accepts secure payments with PayPal, Klarna, Credit or Debit cards.

Can you be a distributor, wholesaler, partner or associate of MASKATEER®?

MASKATEER® are always interested in partnering with promoters, distributors, associates and sales representatives around the world to expand the global reach and sales.

The MASKATEER® B2B team works exclusively with selected businesses on a case by case basis and can. To become a wholesaler or distributor, please contact us on support@maskateer.com

If you are active on social media and/or have a following and you believe you can promote MASKATEER® by being a sales representative, then get in touch with our B2C team on support@maskateer.com and we will add you activate an affiliate program for you, which provides you with a customised web link of your own on our website www.maskateer.com. We will also issue you an affiliate code and discount voucher so that you are rewarded in commission when customers purchase using your code, voucher and web link.