Product Safety Disclaimer

Product Safety Disclaimer

MASKATEER® is not responsible or liable for any misuse of the products and damages resulting from it. If you suffer from any illnesses, muscular, , body, back or skin conditions, which waist training could affect, please consult with your doctor/local GP before buying a waist trainer. We strictly prohibit the use of our products in cases of illnesses back/muscle/body problems, pregnancy, immediately after surgery or if you are under the age of 18. If you have allergies, check the product’s material and/or specifications beforehand and check with your doctor.

MASKATEER® waist trainers are only allowed for women 18 years or over. Do not exercise excessively with your waist trainer. You cannot do more than 30 minutes of mild exercising such as stretching and warming up at the row of hooks that is most loose. No intense sessions with the waist trainers. Ensure the product is worn over a slim fitted top to avoid too much rubbing of the skin. Do not sleep, drive or eat with your waist trainer.

If the product is worn for a longer period of time than advices and it is sufficiently tightly fastened around the body to restrict movement in the diaphragm, this could present a suffocation hazard. MASKATEER® is not responsible for any misuse. While the severity of this hazard may not be significant, the reduced quantity of oxygen entering the circulatory system could result in syncope (fainting) which could result in fall or impact injury. The risk of this hazard may be increased if the product displaces other internal organs and/or reduces the space in the abdominal cavity as this could restrict blood flow in the body. The risk of this hazard may also be increased if the product is used in an exercise environment due to greater oxygen demand in the body. Finally, the risk of this hazard may also be increased if the wearer panics and cannot remove the product easily from their body, please make sure you remove slowly not rushing or stressing.

If the metal bones escape from the product, these could present a laceration or puncture hazard. While the risk of this hazard may be low, the product should be removed and not worn immediately in such cases. Appropriate sizing for different body types may also reduce the risk of this hazard, please consult our experts before purchasing for best comfort.

In cases of any skin or textile allergies please wear the product on top of a t-shirt to avoid irritation or rash.

As the product is described as containing latex, this could present a risk of an allergic response if the latex touches skin. While the risk of this hazard may be reduced because this product is less likely to be in contact with mucous membranes, it may be increased if the product leads to increased perspiration. It is at the discretion of the consumer how the product is worn, hence MASKATEER® is not liable for any misuse other than what is recommended.

MASKATEER® sport belts are only permitted for use by men and women 16 years of age or over. Do not wrap yourself too tight during exercising; allow your body to breath normally. Make sure you feel comfortable.

You must not resell or redistribute MASKATEER® products if you are not an official distributor.

Although MASKATEER® Tender Aroma Spray is made of organic compounds, you should check the content on the bottle beforehand. If you suffer any allergies from any of the ingredients, please do not use the spray. In any case, where your skin gets irritated and you suspect it may be the spray causing it, please consult with your doctor immediately. Tender Aroma Spray is exclusively made to clean your shapewear and for no other purposes. Please keep away from children and food.

The carrying bag for Maskateer products utilises ribbons to close the bag. The bag should be kept away from children under 18 and cannot be places on one’s head/ neck. MASKATEER® is not liable for any strangulation hazard the bag may cause if misused.

Products have undergone Product Safety Review with SGS

All out products are Medically Certified by an Orthopaedic.

Materials have undergone SGS TEST Reports.