Terms & Conditions


Please read the terms and conditions below carefully before making any purchases.

EXCHANGES/REFUNDS: Items can only be exchanged if the products are unworn and packaging and tags are intact. The items must also have no stains, marks, be protected from any dust and dirt and must be maintained well, above all, in a resalable condition as first received by the customer. Any exchange or refund request must be made in writing within 14 days of the date of purchase. An order can only be exchanged once and only size exchanges are permitted, unless items are not in stock, in which case MASKATEER can offer other colours, models or collections.

SIZING: The customer must check his/her (waist) size correctly before purchase. If an exchange is required after purchase, the customer is liable for the shipping charges for returning items to MASKATEER and receiving back new items.

PERMITTED AGE: MASKATEER® waist trainers are only allowed for women 18 years or over. MASKATEER® sport belts are only permitted

PRODUCT USAGE: It is strongly advised that the customer follows the recommended usage time for waist trainers of 4 hours per day, broken down into two lots of two-hour sessions with at least a one-hour break in between, or as instructed on the website. Do not wrap yourself too tight during exercising; allow your body to breath normally. Make sure you feel comfortable.

SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT: MASKATEER® may offer endorsement opportunities to social media influencers in order to reuse graphics, images, videos, posts, stories or any form of electronic content for use on social media platforms and websites, in order to promote or review its products, brand and certain topics relevant to the industry and market sectors it operates in. The consent and agreement from influencers come in the form of signed contracts, or specific payment of services, or a placement of an order, or by the offer of discount vouchers, or by the general consent of the consumer/influencer via email or chat messages on social media platforms. In addition customers and influencers are requested to send in "before and after" pictures to demonstrate the products' effectiveness, topics of health, exercise and weight loss and MASKATEER® have the right to display such content on its social media platforms and websites, which it deems to be appropriate.

MISUSE, ILLNESSES AND ALLERGIES DISCLAIMER: MASKATEER® is not responsible or liable for any misuse of the products and damages resulting from it. If you suffer from any illnesses or skin conditions, which waist training could affect, please consult with MASKATEER® team beforehand or your doctor. We strictly prohibit the use of our products in cases of illnesses, pregnancy or if you are under the age of 18. If you have allergies, check the product’s material and/or specifications beforehand and check with your doctor. Although MASKATEER® Tender Aroma Spray is made of organic compounds, you should check the content on the bottle beforehand. If you suffer any allergies from any of the ingredients, please do not use the spray. In any case, where your skin gets irritated and you suspect it may be the spray causing it, please consult with your doctor immediately. Tender Aroma Spray is exclusively made to clean your shapewear and for no other purposes. Please keep away from children and food.

WARRANTY & REPAIRS: Clothing, waist trainers, compression wear and shapewear products do not have a warranty if the products are worn, or if there are signs of wear and tear, on the products or if the consumer does not follow the instructions on how to wear or use the products, or if the size was incorrect for the consumer, or if the products were not maintained and taken care of as instructed in the marketing or website content. If a product is "faulty" or "damaged", MASKATEER must be notified in writing within 24 hours, usually via email or direct messaging on social media platforms. "Faulty" or "damaged" products must not be worn or tampered with and MASKATEER will either repair, exchange at no extra cost, or offer a refund for the "faulty/damaged" products and cover any shipping charges in receiving the products back from the consumer. For products that require repair, it is at the discretion of the MASKATEER Returns Team on whether to accept the repairs once the products are worn. MASKATEER has the right to charge for the repair and for the shipping to and from the consumer. MASKATEER also reserves the right to decline repairs and ask the consumer to repair themselves using third parties if the products have been worn or if this process is more cost-effective for the consumer. To maintain the longevity and quality of the products, especially high-compression products, MASKATEER strongly recommends consumers to invest in two products of the same type and alternate wearing them, and to not use the products over the recommended usage times as mentioned on MASKATEER's website and other marketing content or collateral. Other considerations before using the repair service are as follows:

  • You cannot use or apply any discount codes, reward points or credit vouchers on any repairs as these costs or prices are provided by third party repairers and seamsters.
  • You can only use the repair service for products that were purchased on www.maskateer.com and within 30 days of the purchase date on your order.
  • If the actual repair costs more than the price of this service, you must cover the difference in cost, and this will be confirmed before the repair is carried out.
  • If the item has been considerably worn, we recommend you find a local repairer or seamster, instead of returning the item to us.
  • You must pay for the shipping cost both ways, from you to us and from us back to you, if an item is to be repaired by MASKATEER.

COMPLIANCE: MASKATEER complies and confirms with The Data Protection Act, The Consumers Rights Act, The Consumer Contract Regulation 2013 Schedule 2 and 3 legislation and Trading Standards Laws in the United Kingdom and European Union and follows international laws and legislation concerning trade, consumer and company rights to fulfil its obligations to its customers and to fulfil its obligation as an international business and trading company.

DATA: No unconsented information, credit card information and (non-secure) data from the customer is held by MASKATEER.

PAYMENT: The customer must pay in full the total order amount before he/she receives the goods. The recipient of the goods must be the same person as the PayPal account, credit or debit card holder and the billing and shipping addresses should match. Shipping begins after payment for goods have been completed successfully. This usually happens instantaneously online or via merchant services, however customers using the SOFORT payment method must wait 3 working days for money to clear before we ship out the goods.

CANCELLATIONS: If the goods are faulty a customer has 14 days from the date of purchase to cancel an order and return the goods, providing the cancellation is made in writing to the MASKATEER Support Team at support@maskateer.com or by post. These are rights for the customer under the Consumer Contract Regulation 2013 Schedule 2 and 3. The faulty items must not be worn and in the same condition as received by the customer.

RESALE OR REDISTRIBUTION: One must not resell or redistribute MASKATEER® products if one is not an official distributor or reseller or unless MASKATEER has approved it in writing.

RETURN SHIPPING LABELS: You cannot use or apply any discount codes, rewards points or credit vouchers on return shipping labels as these costs or prices are provided by third party shipping companies.

REPAIR CHARGES: You cannot use or apply any discount codes, rewards points or credit vouchers on repairs as these costs or prices are provided by third party repairers and seamsters.

SURCHARGES: You cannot use or apply any discount codes, rewards points or credit vouchers on any surcharges as these costs or prices are provided by third party parties.

For any queries contact the MASKATEER Customer Service or Support Team at support@maskateer.com


We ship worldwide to every country and Island in the world using multiple carriers. Some offers may include free shipping worldwide over a certain amount of spend by a consumer online.

Deliveries to customers are sent out on working days only, which means Monday to Friday and not on weekends, Bank holidays, Public (Statutory) or national holidays.

Orders placed before 12pm on a working day are sent out to customers on the same working day, if stock is available.

Goods are sent out after payment has been completed successfully. This usually happens instantaneously online or through marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, WeChat Shop, however customers using BACS/CHAPS/SEPA/SOFORT or any kind of bank transfer service must wait until the payment is cleared into our bank account before we can ship out the goods.

If the item is not in stock, we will email you and inform you when it will be back in stock and items will be shipped on the next available working day when stock is available.

It is the consumer’s/customer’s/recipient of the parcel’s responsibility to provide the correct shipping address and contact details and, furthermore, to be present when a delivery arrives.

If parcels are returned to the sender or consignor, the consumer or customer or consignee must pay for the shipping again for products to be resent out, as well as the cost of the products being returned by the carrier including any additional Customs or admin charges or surcharges, and in addition, these deductions apply before any refunds or refund requests.

If the parcel is forwarded to a local depot, the consumer/customer/consignee must arrange to collect the parcel at his/her expense.

If someone else receives or takes the parcel at the delivery/shipping address provided, it is not the responsibility of the carrier or sender/consignor. It is the obligation of the customer who placed the order to be present at the delivery/shipping address stated.

“Force Majeure” events, such as natural disasters, health pandemics and policy changes from carriers may delay deliveries and returns and are out of the control of the sender/consignor. Sale items may be subject to delivery delays also, in which case consumers/customers will be notified.

Deliveries are undertaken by third parties such as DHL, DPD, Royal Mail, Hermes, Speedy.bg, EKONT, NOVA POSHTA, etc., hence MASKATEER® is not responsible for any shipping delays, parcel losses or damages, however MASKATEER® may help consumers/customers in resolving issues and claims.


Express deliveries take between 1-2 working days if stock is available. Express deliveries are available to mainland customers in England, Wales, Scotland, and the US. Express deliveries do not include the Channel Islands, Scottish Highlands and Islands, Northern Ireland, and any other International location.

Standard deliveries take between 2-7 working days depending on the geographical location if stock is available. Here is a breakdown of regions below:

Standard UK mainland deliveries take 2-3 working days.

Standard Western Europe deliveries 2-4 working days.

Standard Rest of Europe deliveries 3-5 working days.

Standard Rest of the World deliveries 5-7 working days.

For other, special, or extremely remote destinations, deliveries can take between 5-14 working days.

Estimates above do not include any Customs issues or hold-ups.


Maximum weight of a single MASKATEER product is 0.6kg plus 0.1kg packaging. Three MASKATEER items = 2kg maximum.

The maximum dimensions of a SINGLE SMALL PARCEL = 35cm length x 25cm height x 10cm width.


Standard UK delivery - £3.99 (GBP)

Standard Western Europe delivery – £9.99 (GBP)

Standard Rest of Europe delivery – £16.99 (GBP)

Standard US delivery – £9.99 (GBP)

Standard Rest of the World – £19.99 (GBP)

Special Destinations – £29.99 (GBP)

Express mainland England, Scotland, Wales delivery - £5.99 (GBP)

Express mainland US delivery - £14.99 (GBP)

Regional pricing and special destination prices vary between £9.99 and £29.99, as can be seen below:

European Union varies between £9.99 and £16.99

Channel Islands, Scottish Highlands, Scottish Islands varies between £3.99 and £16.99

Rest of Europe and the World varies between £16.99 and £29.99

Please note, prices above are per SINGLE SMALL PARCEL up to 2kg in weight with dimensions 35cm length x 25cm height x 10cm width, but shipping charges will increase for more than SINGLE SMALL PARCEL weighing more than 2kg with larger dimensions as stated above.


Customs Fees may also apply to parcels being sent to certain countries. It is the responsibility of the consumer/customer/buyer/recipient to clear the goods in his/her country of import. This is NOT the responsibility of the sender/consignor (MASKATEER®).

We strongly advise to check the rules of importation, tax, Customs and Duties in your country, where the goods will be delivered to before making a purchase on the MASKATEER® website, as it is the consumer/customer/buyer/recipient’s responsibility to pay for any tax or Customs fees due when the goods arrive in your country.

If parcels are returned to the sender/consignor/seller, because the buyer/consumer/customer/consignee refused to pay the Customs duty and tax, the buyer/consumer/customer must pay for the products to be resent out to him/her again, as well as the cost of the products being returned by the carrier, including any additional Customs or admin charges or surcharges; or if a refund has been requested, all the above deductions apply before any refunds are made.


MASKATEER® offers a size exchange within 14 days of receiving the products. Products should be clean, with no stains, ripples or marks, with the tag still intact. The products should not have been worn or neglected, and should have been maintained well, in the same perfect resalable condition as first received by the recipient/customer/consumer, otherwise the items cannot be exchanged.

The customer must return the item at his/her own expense through using his/her own carriage/carrier or shipper. If MASKATEER® provided a return shipping label, it will be charged to the customer. The customer may also purchase shipping return labels from the MASKATEER® website and follow instructions on the RETURNS/EXCHANGE FORMS.

Once the items are returned, the MASKATEER® returns team will examine the products and approve the exchanges. The customer will be notified via email within 48 hours whether the exchanges have been approved. If the item is approved for exchange, the customer must pay for the shipping label for the new item to be shipped. In total the customer must pay both legs of the shipping of exchanged items.

Customers cannot use or apply any discount codes or rewards points on shipping labels as these charges are applied by third party shipping companies to deliver your parcels.

MASKATEER® products have base prices in GBP (Great British Pound Sterling £) on its website, hence orders paid in foreign currencies are subject to currency exchange rate fluctuations from third parties/merchants, such as PayPal, Klarna, Mollie and others that customers use. MASKATEER® only quotes estimate exchange rates and foreign currency prices on its website based on ECB (European Central Bank) average (not buy or sell) live rates and not the actual rates merchants offer their customers. MASKATEER® is not liable for any discrepancies or differences in the estimated foreign currency amount listed on the website or on invoices compared to the actual price the merchant has charged its customer in foreign currency to pay for the order in GBP (Great British Pound Sterling £), at the time of the transaction.

MASKATEER® do not offer product refunds or cancellations of orders, but in any cases of reimbursements MASKATEER® reserves the right to charge customers any shipping costs, return/exchange handling fees, admin and payment/merchant/card fees from any third parties, hence deducting them from the total amounts before any reimbursements, and an email to a consumer will explain the breakdown of charges in detail.

MASKATEER® also reserves the right to forward third party administrative (sur-)charges incurred during returns and/or exchanges to consumers, for example merchant fees and/or handling costs.

If the purchased item is faulty, damaged or defected, it will replaced it with a new garment providing the MASKATEER® support team is notified, by email to support@maskateer.com, within 24 hours of the consumer receiving the item(s) and providing the item is sent back to MASKATEER® within 7 days after the email notification. The item must have no signs of wear, tear or any kind of marks or ripples in the rubber latex, or it may be considered as worn. Once an item is worn it qualifies for wear and tear, and clothing, compression-wear, shapewear, underwear or lingerie items are not exchangeable or refundable after wear and tear. MASKATEER® products fit in each of the categories above.

The consumer is advised not to purchase a MASKATEER® product if he/she has any allergies or special medical conditions that may arise from wearing MASKATEER® products and it is strongly recommended that the consumer consults and obtains the approval from their Doctor or Physician before purchasing any of the MASKATEER® products. MASKATEER® products have been tested and are generally medically safe, however if you have special conditions or rashes always consult your doctor before purchase, as MASKATEER® do not offer refunds for allergies or other conditions conceived as the products touch the skin of its consumers and the product would no longer be resalable in such cases.

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Please email us.

For any return queries contact support@maskateer.com.