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Active Me Black Gym Belt

The MASKATEER Active Me sport belt provides lower back support during workouts, to prevent from injury and muscle strain. The belt helps to maintain posture during work outs and has a sauna effect to speed up fat burn, helping with weight loss, calories burn and getting rid of toxins from your body.
Womens Waist Trainer Gym Belt and Waist Trainer - Waist cincher, corset top, body shaper, shapewear, slimming belt, exercise belt, gym belt, running belt, weight lifting belt for women

Body Perfection Gift Pack

Everyone’s favourite MASKATEER Gift Pack Waist Trainer & Gym Belt offers a body shaper for women and an abs toner belt. This bundle pack is ideal for those who are very active and also want to wear something to look even better for a special occasion. The corset underbust: Helps with weight loss, Increases thermal activity in torso area, Removes excess water weight, Burns fat faster, Removes toxins from your body, Provides amazing back support, Helps maintain posture, And very comfortable to wear.
Bild von Couture Black

Couture Black

The Couture Collection waist trainers are our shorter version waist trainers (suitable for petit bodies). Ideal to be used in the gym due to its flexibility or in the office when sitting down. No digging, no rolling up and takes inches off your waist instantly whilst working on getting you permanent results. Completely discreet underneath your clothing, built for maximum comfort. Length 26-28cm. Sizes from 6 UK up to 26 UK on selected colours. Our Couture collection has been upgraded where the new style has one logo only, depending on the size you order you will receive the one that is in stock either with three logos showing or one logo at the front.

Faux Leather Leggings High Waist Black-Band

Perfectly sculpting, stretchy, high-rise faux-leather leggings . A great trendy addition to your wardrobe that will transfer from day to evening with ease; Skinny fitted on legs with elasticated waistline for better exaggerated curves.
$45.22 $13.69

Luxe Black & Pink

NEW LUXE Waist Trainer Maskateer latest invention, reversed steel bones waist trainer. Concentrated compression, Fits perfectly with contours of your body, Remarkably very comfortable with interior padding and cushioned black trimming, Take inches off waist immediately, Shorter torso, Helps with back support and improves posture, Discreet under clothing, wear it throughout your day to day activities, Increased thermal activity in your torso area, 25 stainless flexible steel bones, Durable and stretchy rubber latex material and 100% inner cotton lining.
$112.37 $106.89
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Mama Kit Black Limited Edition

Tummy tucker MAMA KIT Limited Edition is the perfect solution for your stretched abdominal post pregnancy. The MAMA KIT was inspired by the centuries-old tradition of postpartum belly binding and a desire to modernize this age-old practice for today’s mothers. Our mission is one- to make moms feel amazing with minimum effort after delivery. Our MAMA KIT consists of two products – an exclusive soft breathable seamless Belly Wrap and a breathable 17-flexible-steel-bone rubber latex Waist Trainer with a layer of anti-bacterial cotton lining for extra comfort . The soft boning ensures the corset will stay in place without rolling or digging, and the lightweight and breathable fabric provides maximum comfort. You wouldn't know the support you get until you try! Ideal for straight after birth (if natural birth) or 1 week if C-section .
$93.19 $89.08
Black waist trainer (front)

Monochrome Black

Secure that hourglass figure you deeply desire with the monochrome black waist trainer from Maskateer. Takes inches off your waist instantly and sits discreetly underneath your clothing, boosting your confidence and enhancing your figure, perfect for that special occasion. Our black waist cincher delivers concentrated compression, thermal activity in your torso area and is made with stretchy and flexible rubber latex for supreme comfort, making it perfectly suitable for day-to-day use to give you the flat stomach appearance and flaunt-worthy body you deserve.
Blue waist cincher (front)

Monochrome Limited Edition

Voted BEST Waist Trainers for 2018 MASKATEER Limited Edition Waist Trainer, Concentrated compression, Remarkably very comfortable, Take inches off waist immediately, Fashionable with electric blue silk trimming, Longer torso, Helps with back support and improves posture, Discreet under clothing or fashionable above clothing, Wear it throughout your day to day activities, Increased thermal activity in your torso area, 25 stainless steel flexi bones, Durable and stretchy rubber latex material and 100% inner cotton lining.