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Womens Waist Trainer Size Chart - Waist cincher, corset top, corset dress, body shaper, slimming belt

Nuage Long Waist Trainer Light Compression

Lighter compression waist trainers with 9 steel bones and 4 rows of hook. Ideal for everyday use for up to 9 hours. Longer version Nuage collection with a total length of 27-29cm. Lightweight, feels like second skin, flexible and comfy whilst providing great results! Ideal for Tall ladies, great post op as not too aggressive in compression. The waist trainer is with lighter compression in comparison to our other style waist trainers, with limited back support. How to select the right size for yourself? Measure your waist line, using a measure tape, following our steps in SIZE CHART on website. Make sure you measure tightly. If you are in-between two sizes, always choose the smaller size.