Waist Trainers

MASKATEER High Quality Waist Trainers

MASKATEER High quality Waist Trainers are created by specialised tailors in Europe and UK based designers who create distinctive shapewear garments using the latest technological advancements in fabrics and produce unique profiled silhouette cuts for the optimal fit.

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Body Perfection Gift Pack

Everyone’s favourite MASKATEER Gift Pack Waist Trainer & Gym Belt offers a body shaper for women and an abs toner belt. This bundle pack is ideal for those who are very active and also want to wear something to look even better for a special occasion. The corset underbust: Helps with weight loss, Increases thermal activity in torso area, Removes excess water weight, Burns fat faster, Removes toxins from your body, Provides amazing back support, Helps maintain posture, And very comfortable to wear.

Cellubye Red Gift Pack

Best body shaper and Cellubye kit with great savings, Healthier looking skin, Removal of stretch marks and scars, Concentrated compression, Best shapewear fits perfectly with contours of your body, Remarkably very comfortable with interior padding and cushioned trimming, Take inches off waist immediately, Shorter torso, Helps with back support and improves posture, Discreet under clothing, Best tummy control shapewear that can be worn throughout the day.
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