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Mama Kit White

Tummy tucker MAMA KIT is the perfect solution for your stretched abdominal post pregnancy. The MAMA KIT was inspired by the centuries-old tradition of postpartum belly binding and a desire to modernize this age-old practice for today’s mothers. Our mission is one- to make moms feel amazing with minimum effort after delivery. Our MAMA KIT consists of two products – an exclusive soft breathable seamless Belly Wrap and a breathable 17-flexible-steel-bone rubber latex Waist Trainer with a layer of anti-bacterial cotton lining for extra comfort.You wouldn't know the support you get until you try!

Bump Support Maternity Band

Bump Support Maternity Band Help alleviate lower abdominal pains and back ache during pregnancy with Maskateer Bump Support Maternity Band. Designed to give gentle support to the lower back and under the bump, and cleverly shaped to not roll down, it's comfortable to wear all day and invisible beneath clothes. Ultra-soft and breathable, built-in belly support. SIZE GUIDE: Please note the wrap sizes are standard clothing sizes, they are cut extra stretchy where size S/M and L/XL fits both size groups.