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Couture Lilac

The Couture Collection waist trainers are our shorter version waist trainers (suitable for petit bodies)- Medium to Short torso. Ideal to be used in the gym due to its flexibility or in the office when sitting down. No digging, no rolling up and takes inches off your waist instantly whilst working on getting you permanent results. Completely discreet underneath your clothing, built for maximum comfort. Length 26-28cm. Sizes from 6 UK up to 26 UK on selected colours

Signature Black & Purple

Everything you do is a signature of yourself, so sign it with style. MASKATEER Signature Purple Waist Trainer is an exclusive waist trainer with tailored silhouette cut, premium signature design, concentrated compression, fits perfectly with contours of your body, remarkably very comfortable with interior padding and cushioned trimming, take inches off waist over time, good for shorter torso and big bust, helps with back support and improves posture, discreet under clothing, wear it throughout your day to day activities, increased thermal activity in your torso area, 25 stainless steel flexi bones, durable and stretchy rubber latex material and 100% inner cotton lining.