Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions have been laid out by MASKATEER TM LIMITED (hereinafter to be referred to as MASKATEER) after consultation from legal and professional bodies in the United Kingdom.

REFUNDS: There is a "no refunds" policy. Only an exchange of sizes is permitted providing the product(s) are unworn and tags and packaging is intact.

SIZING: The customer must check his/her (waist) size correctly before purchase. If an exchange is required after purchase, the customer is liable for the shipping charges for returning item(s) to MASKATEER and receiving back new item(s).

PERMITTED AGE: MASKATEER® waist trainers are only allowed for women 18 years or over. MASKATEER® sport belts are only permitted for use by men and women 16 years of age or over.

PRODUCT USAGE: It is strongly advised that the customer follows the recommended usage time for waist trainers of 4 hours per day, broken down into two lots of two-hour sessions with at least a one-hour break in between, or as instructed on the website. Do not wrap yourself too tight during exercising; allow your body to breath normally. Make sure you feel comfortable.

MISUSE, ILLNESSES AND ALLERGIES DISCLAIMER: MASKATEER® is not responsible or liable for any misuse of the products and damages resulting from it. If you suffer from any illnesses or skin conditions, which waist training could affect, please consult with MASKATEER® team beforehand or your doctor. We strictly prohibit the use of our products in cases of illnesses, pregnancy or if you are under the age of 18. If you have allergies, check the product’s material and/or specifications beforehand and check with your doctor. Although MASKATEER® Tender Aroma Spray is made of organic compounds, you should check the content on the bottle beforehand. If you suffer any allergies from any of the ingredients, please do not use the spray. In any case, where your skin gets irritated and you suspect it may be the spray causing it, please consult with your doctor immediately. Tender Aroma Spray is exclusively made to clean your shapewear and for no other purposes. Please keep away from children and food.

WARRANTY & REPAIRS: There is a 7-day warranty for all MASKATEER products. The warranty is null and void if there are signs of general wear and tear or "overuse"/negligence in the use of the product(s) on the part of the customer. If a product is faulty or damaged upon the customer receiving it or within the warranty period without any misuse or negligence, or without it being the fault of the customer, MASKATEER will repair the item(s) and pay for the shipping. For item(s) that require repair after the warranty period and before 30 days from purchase, MASKATEER will charge the repair and shipping to the customer. Any repairs after 30 days of purchase are at the discretion of MASKATEER, and MASKATEER reserve the right to rejecting repairs and ask the customer to repair themselves using other parties. To maintain the longevity and quality of the product(s) do not use them over recommended usage times as mentioned in the terms or website. 

COMPLIANCE: MASKATEER complies and confirms with The Data Protection Act, The Consumers Rights Act, The Consumer Contract Regulation 2013 Schedule 2 and 3 legislation and Trading Standards Laws in the United Kingdom and European Union and follows international laws and legislation concerning trade, consumer and company rights to fulfil its obligations to its customers and to fulfil its obligation as an international business and trading company.

DATA: No unconsented information, credit card information and (non-secure) data from the customer is held by MASKATEER.

PAYMENT: The customer must pay in full the total order amount before he/she receives the goods. The recipient of the goods must be the same person as the PayPal account, credit or debit card holder and the billing and shipping addresses should match. Shipping begins after payment for goods have been completed successfully. This usually happens instantaneously online or via merchant services, however customers using the SOFORT payment method must wait 3 working days for money to clear before we ship out the goods.

CANCELLATIONS: If the goods are faulty a customer has 14 days from the date of purchase to cancel an order and return the goods, providing the cancellation is made in writing to the MASKATEER Customer Service Team at or by post. These are rights for the customer under the Consumer Contract Regulation 2013 Schedule 2 and 3.

RESALE OR REDISTRIBUTION: One must not resell or redistribute MASKATEER® products if one is not an official distributor or reseller or unless MASKATEER has approved it in writing.  

For any queries contact the MASKATEER Customer Service or Support Team at