About us

The shapewear and compression wear industry has been growing year on year due to a number of factors such as: more awareness among women, recent advancements in fabrics, shapewear becoming more fashionable, rising levels of obesity, an alternative to cosmetic surgery, an increase in individuals disposable income, and a global rise in fitness consciousness and a healthier lifestyle.


MASKATEER is a British brand which began its journey in 2014 with the aim to provide people with products which will assist them with their weight loss goals and improve their confidence. The company has grown by 350% from last year due to increased market demand and the quality of MASKATEER flagship products, topped off with an outstanding five star customer service.


MASKATEER has a magnificent set of product engineers from UK and Europe which create distinctive shapewear garments using the latest technological advancements in fabrics and materials. MASKATEER has a team of specialised tailors in Europe that are experts in shapewear craftsmanship and produce unique profiled silhouette cuts for the optimal fit. The company’s talented designers are based in the UK and are heavily inspired by the wonderful history of corset fashion as well as lingerie, bridal and burlesque wear. MASKATEER’s superb team of gifted product engineers, specialised tailors and UK designers create unique shapewear with the latest fabrics to produce the ultimate in compression, comfort and modern fit.